Oct 032015
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When I got the previous image I sat with it for a few days to see what kept coming up for me and it was the connection to the concept of the labyrinth.
The labyrinth is an ancient symbol whose convoluted form has always been highly suggestive to the imagination. The twisting path indicates the symbolic passageway from the visible realm of the human into the invisible dimension of the divine. The labyrinth possesses a dual nature containing within its compact space, a long and difficult path constantly confusing and doubling back until leading to the mysterious and invisible centre. From within, the view is extremely restricted and confusing, while from above one discovers an artistry and order. Thus the labyrinth simultaneously incorporates confusion and clarity, multiplicity and unity, imprisonment and liberation, chaos and order. It equates to the purpose of groping our way through life with the aim of building a capacity for greater insight and perspective.
For me this thinking is highly pertinent to the way I live my life.

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  1. I like where you have positioned the labyrinth. With a door to some other place and the feeling of flight on one side and ordered structure on the other. I am enjoying this series.

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