Oct 022015
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I looked at Tim’s picture and my heart sank. I sat with it for some time, looking at all the elements and trying to interpret the messages within. There was so much of him in there – and a lot that for me was a struggle to read between the lines. Were those references to ancestry? Wishes unfulfilled? A state of mind?It was definitely a self portrait, and said a lot about the little I know of Tim-the-man. I really struggled to make an image to relate with that depth.

I work a lot with intuitive messages, and the self portrait resonated. Suddenly this image bubbled to the surface. I believe this is my self portrait. And my path.

I’m very sorry to whoever had to follow me in this exercise! Time definitely changed a lot of things and I love that there had been a lot of water flow under the bridge since this project began.

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  2 Responses to “Be the Change (Chinese Whispers project)”

  1. So you were the person who I followed. And you set me a hard task since my first reaction to your image was “bloody hell”. Should have known that yet again you make me think deeply and challenge my surface understandings. Blessings Jen

  2. I like this Jen. My image was made when I was full of flu and not thinking right. So it would have been hard to follow and to be honest I was trying to remember what I was thinking when it came time to write some words recently. But I think the core thing was the inner and outer self which is often thought of as a cell type model or concentric circles/spheres. But your image might be closer to the truth. That it is more like a labyrinth, not a straight path.

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