Standing Strong (Chinese Whispers project)

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Sep 302015
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It is more than two years since I contributed to our project. So much has changed since then. Certainly my response to Ferg’s image would be different today, both in my image and my narrative. However, I have included my original image (of course) and narrative…

My comments on Ferg’s image:

It’s just dawned on me how much I’ve been influenced by what I’ve been seeing lately (in Cornwall, England). When I first looked at Ferg’s image, “Flow”, just a couple of hours ago, the background appeared to me as a stormy or wizardly sky (a Harry Potter movie comes to mind!), with the textured timber as the subject. I saw lichen and moss covered rocks standing strongly, shoulder to shoulder, against that scary sky. So, while I can see the timber is probably a jetty with water flowing below, that was not my first impression.

Comments on my own image:

Ferg’s image immediately brought to mind the standing stones and castles I’ve seen in Cornwall recently. Roche Rock is a special one of these, where a building of stone has been built atop a large rock. The origins of the building are not known, and while not intact, it has withstood centuries of storms, no doubt of the human and natural kind.

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  1. I am looking forward to seeing the complete rotation of this project. I am glad Vicki made the comment that her response would be different today than what it was back when we initiated the project amongst ourselves. I like the way that time has given us the opportunity to see again how we have changed, how we are different in our responses and yet comfortable with all of that.
    I like the written response that allows us to not only see the image but also to share in the thought process that went on behing the scenes.
    When I see your image here Vicki I think of our foundations and the feedom of choice we have to allow us to fly beyond them. Strong and classic.

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