Lake Heron – Carolyn Hope

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Sep 282015
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We had gone to Lake Heron to photograph some flowers that only grow there at a certain time of year.
It was so grey with a vicious wind that we gave up.
I am drawn to creating monochrome images. Recently I have been trying to create landscapes with very little to see but the feeling of the day.
Perhaps I have gone a bit too far with this one.

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  2 Responses to “Lake Heron – Carolyn Hope”

  1. Wow Carolyn what a lovely image, you’ve captured a feeling here. As for going to far…..never. The farther you go the more you will find. Thank you so much for sharing I love this.

  2. Hi Carolyn – no way at all you have gone too far!!!

    I happened to be watching a podcast talking about the “Pictorialist” movement of the early 20th century and this image fits that style perfectly.

    You have certainly shown us how it felt to be there on a cold grey day.

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