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Penang a couple of days ago. A carefully constructed retining wall but with provision to let the deluge flow past. A worthwhile lesson.

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  1. never thought of this before Tim. what does a wall retain? i have tended to think of it retaining everything (with maybe very minimal drainage holes). This image conjures up more of a concept of a filter. I am reminded of very strong parallels in life! To retain could mean maybe holding on too long or too hard or worse may be blocking. To filter, when an appropriate filter, could be much better.

    • What does it retain? a good question. I have always thought that the filtering approach is best too. But this made me think. If we live in the mountains of life, and the view is better from there, then when ever we do something, take a stand, hold an opinion, enter a relationship we are building something on a slope. Left unattended or done without mindfulness that could wash away or worse cause a major landslide. So the retaining wall is a metaphor for how we construct those things. In this case done with great care and craftsmanship so that it itself is quite beautiful. It did have drain holes to let the water that could build up behind out. So it does filter too. But the thing that impressed me was the provision to let the heavy rainfall flow past quickly without doing damage. So I think that the water is mostly other peoples energy. We could of course wander through the jungle without cutting a track or building on the slope but we would not get as far and a track helps other people get there too. I think Ian and John are right it is about letting the water that builds up behind out and the unstoppable force go past but still being there and doing it artfully.

  2. I guess part of being strong is to know when to, and how to, let an unstoppable force go past

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