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If you’ve been following our pages for a while, you will already have met my Dad, ‘The Neighbourhood Watcher’ – capable of leaping tall fences in one bound, in the pursuit of interesting photographers …. or something like that. Actually, he does still ride his mountain bike up, and down, tall mountains, but nowadays the fence thing is probably only possible if the framing’s on the starting side.
However, this post is about his wife. She’s not as capable on a mountain bike, and would require quite a bit of encouragement and physical assistance to leap tall fences, but two years in a row she’s left Dad at home (to enjoy all the wicked foods he enjoys, without being told off!) to join my sister on a trip ‘up-over’ – last year joining Nigel and I for a road trip in Italy, and this year staying with us in the UK.
At 80 years old she can no longer keep up with me on the walking front, but not many do! My sister and I agree – we’re proud of our Mum for her adventurous spirit. We’re also really annoyed that we don’t have her fabulous skin and facial muscle tone! I’ve processed this photo in the same way I’ve processed all my recent portraits – I haven’t touched up her wrinkles or removed bags under her eyes … in fact, the processing I do sharpens features. This is my Mum.

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  3 Responses to “Mum”

  1. A great picture of your Mum.
    I have a Mum like her – She is a few years older than your Mum but has just returned from a month or so tripping around the states.

    For me one of the aims of being a parent is to inspire and encourage your children – having an “adventurous spirit” has obviously rubbed off….

  2. Your Mum looks like a very happy person, Vicki. I think you have inherited her smile.. AND I am sure being adventurous has kept her looking so young. I think this is a great happy photo and one you will treasure for a long time

  3. Great Picture. Photos of family and friends will end up being the most important photos we take. I am hopeless at doing them. This reminds me I must.

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