Burnt Pine, Marfells Beach

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Sep 182015
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I was on the way home from Blenheim and enjoying the drive. Driving by yourself is not so good for spotting things but it does mean that you can stop whenever you want.

Marfells Beach turnoff is just past the salt works and although it was raining on the main road I had noticed some nice light on the hills towards the coast so off I went for a 12km detour.

So just to prove that I havnt forgotten about photographing trees, this was the first thing I saw as I pulled up…..

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  2 Responses to “Burnt Pine, Marfells Beach”

  1. Ian, I think you have a great talent for creating something extraordinary out of what most of us would just walk / drive right past as being an ordinary mess. I like this creation.

  2. Ian, I can certainly see what direction the prevailing wind comes from. Will be much colder than the lovely warm temperature here in Cinque Terre in Italy!

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