The Bridge – Paul Furborough

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Sep 172015
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Thanks for allowing me to share this image, This images was taken last year in Laos at a small but touristy spot called Vang Vieng how I came to be here was a result of another image taken in Bangkok with another great story behind it. As I post photos on the net using Flickr (google furbs01) I get a lot of comments and questions on what I post, the Bangkok image resulted in me being invited to travel through Laos with a group of Vietnamese photographers. These guys were really well organised and had their week well planned and we spoke photography and a little English but we spent our time travelling or photographing. This image was taken from a hotel balcony which was open to anyone who wanted to use it, we got there early but shared it with a Japanese photo tour as well. Great memories and great planning. The Bridge is well used all day and night by pedestrians and motorbikes.

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  2 Responses to “The Bridge – Paul Furborough”

  1. I like the dark broody mood in this image Paul. And the story behind it is a great example of putting something out there and then reaping the rewards.

    I bet the bridge feels completely different in the hustle bustle day time

  2. Paul you have proved that spending time making and creating images and then sharing them online has brought you more benefits than most of us would dream off. I like the light in this image and definitely like your story

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