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I thought I should complete what I started so we are back to those crossroads in the rocks. In this image I find many crossroads. There is the obvious one caused by the intersecting cracks, then there are those caused by intersections of curving lines, they are secondary but non-the-less important because, on one hand, every decision has implications and consequences. On the other hand, sometimes it is not the obvious decision that really makes the difference. How often do we miss either the consequences of our actions or those subtle, but life changing, decisions because we jump without thinking – that is a lesson I am determined to bed down before I get too “long in the tooth”. Dig deep and look three dimensionally. Oh, then there is all that swirling guff that tries to obscure everything for us ….

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  1. I love this and the story it tells is exactly as you describe it.

    Dont be in a rush to “complete” the crossroads series – In my view this sort of project is never ending

  2. With reference to your final sentence Bruce it was the swirling”guff” that was the focus point for me in this image. I saw the first dark intersecting lines then the white ones and each time my head said move on until I rested on the soft interconnecting threads and there your image rests with me. All the beautiful stands of our life that don’t obscure at all but show us more than what we currently know.

    • Beautiful. Pauline, I like that interpretation very much and wish I had had the eloquence to have put my thoughts that way. In my clumsy way “dig deep and look three dimensionally” is the allusion to those “beautiful strands of our life”. The “guff” refers to the confusion created by the world around us – to that which is determined to draw us down the route of convention as opposed to that of genuine self discovery. What we think we should think rather than what we actually feel and do not articulate. Thank you so much for great insight.

  3. Bruce, I like the colours and tones as well as the lines. There are always crossroads and as this image suggests, there is an overlay of them at different levels. Some are more obvious than others and some are more clearly defined than others. The trick seems to be fully aware of what trade-offs we need to make because in the end every decision is a trade-off. I have been helped recently in this area by a book on essentialism.

    • John, thanks for your comment also. This decision making thing has been high on my agenda this last year or so. I have become aware that I have real choices to make in life and that I do not want to be the “victim of circumstances”. It is a privilege to have choices and I want to make the right decisions with regards to those choices. Each decision takes careful thinking because each decision sets you on a path. Is that path taking me to where I want to be? Can I follow that path with conviction? I would love the reference to the book you referred to.

      • Bruce, the book is “Essentialism: the disciplined pursuit of less” by Greg McKeown.
        The essence of the book is:
        – I chose to ..
        – only a few things really matter
        – I can do anything but not everything (avoid a straddled strategy).

        Another interesting book is Getting to Yes with Yourself by William Ury. He was the co-author of probably the best ever book on negotiation, called Getting to Yes. He has found in later life that the most important negotiation is actually with oneself before negotiating with others and so recently wrote the second book .
        I got both on Kindle.

  4. Bruce, I have found that sometimes making a decision based on my “gut” feeling is just perfect – BUT as you say there are many paths which we could choose. I might ultimately make what looks like that impetuous decision but before acting on it I will have thought deeply about it and weigh up what I see as the alternatives. I like how your image portrays the question of “how do we choose a path”. I wonder if you made this image in camera while travelling in Africa and before you created the story. Or maybe it was the story already dwelling in your mind which caused you to make this image. I would also be interested in the title of John’s book.

  5. An Interesting image. The lines could be many things, a crossroads or lines bisecting the whole, plus signs or multiply signs or X stop signs. I think that is the thing about decisions is that often there is no right or wrong decision just different ones with different outcomes. I believe the important thing is what you intuitively see in an image like this. It could be many things but sub consciously or maybe from a higher power we can see the answer for us, if we ask and look.

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