Sep 152015
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I am in mourning.

Arriving at this house in April this year, I couldn’t believe my eyes – the biggest crop of beautiful healthy and vigorous stinging nettle I have ever seen. It was everywhere. And I, apparently, was in Heaven. In Rotorua it was almost impossible to find – been sprayed out of existence, and I had to rely on the dried herb.

Nettles are one of the great spring cleaners, and I had been watching and waiting for the new growth to harvest and brew up a nourishing nettle soup, teas, I’ve even been eying up a recipe for nettle pudding (you know, the deliciously healthy kind that includes leeks, onions, brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage. Bet my kids are glad I didn’t find that when THEY were young!) As well as being a great system cleanser, they’re also chock full of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I found myself sitting on a wee herbalists treasure trove.

Until last weekend. When our ever helpful and industrious flatmate decided to “weed” the garden. Weeding my garden is a dangerous thing to do without me hovering in the background… “NO! don’t touch that yarrow, I need that. No, not the red clover either… I’ll just replant that in the garden.” I don’t know what the new owners of our place in Rotorua thought of my garden. I treasured my “weeds”.

So – now a wilted pile, testament to a big heart and desire to do good. I’ve salvaged what I can, turned a lot into emulsion for anthotypes and coated a lot of paper. I couldn’t bear to waste any of it.

And I live in hope for new life.

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  5 Responses to “Urtica dioica – prostrate, Bishopdale, September 2015”

  1. Ah Jenny, you cut right through me. Such precious things our plants. What we destroy without knowing it. In all sorts of ways we do this every day, innocently and without malice, just lack of awareness (just?). What a great posting, thank you.

  2. Hi Jenny
    Awhile back you had asked if we had a weed-eater you could borrow. This just made me think that you done need one because you are one! :-)))). Hahaha

  3. Oops that was supposed to be don’t need one, not done need one

  4. Oh my gosh…hahaha! You’re a perfect match for my husband in humour – he’ll love that one. Maybe I should have just chewed them all up ;D

  5. My immediate response to seeing the stinging nettle was to be taken back to childhood where the stuff seemed to be everywhere I wanted to go and hence I hated it.

    But another perspective ………..

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