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Sep 142015
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Ian, as you know i was inspired by you last year to turn around to find a place to park so i could make an image of some trees on the side of the road in Scotland.
This time i was climbing a hill with Jan and others in Dartmoor and saw this tree off to the left. They granted me some time to walk across and snap this image. As Ferg said recently – right place, right time. I add also accommodating family.

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  3 Responses to “Inspired by Ian ……”

  1. I think you’ve done more than snap an image, you’ve captured a moment, a memory.

    P.S. Just seen Ian heading off to the airport for the first flight in the direction of Dartmoor!!!!!

  2. Fitting tribute to the master! This is wonderful in black and white, and I love the rough and rocky textural foreground. Beautiful echoes above and below. There’s a lovely balance in this picture.

  3. Ferg is right – Dartmoor or Scotland Im not sure where to head for first…

    I love the way the tree has clawed its way out of the rugged terrain and its form reflects the landscape it lives in.

    Lucky you had a fast focusing camera given the limited time available to capture the frame !!

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