Sep 122015
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I have been asked to post for my dear friend Sarah Stirrup who many of you will know has been undergoing chemotherapy following her surgery for breast cancer in early April this year.

I met with Sarah and Dave for coffee today to celebrate the completion of Sarah’s chemotherapy – a voyage through hell – during which Sarah has remained positive, even in the very very tough times. Her appearance of calm, her positive attitude and her smiling face fill me with awe. Sarah has wonderful carers in Chalky and Dave. Onward and upward Sarah, Dave and Chalky.

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  4 Responses to “Hospital Doors – Stephanie Forrester”

  1. Sarah is the type of person we all wish we were like, my thoughts and prayers go out to you every day Sarah.

  2. You are a star Steph, as is our dear friend Sarah. Thank you for being such a friend to us all. As for Sarah and Dave, well, you are both simply inspirational.

  3. Thanks Steph – great post and although those doors have not seen a patient in many years they still feel like a hospital.

    Sarah – None of us can really comprehend the things you are going through at the moment but we can watch and cheer from the sidelines. In my experience I found that the cheers helped – so know that we are here…

  4. It is good to hear your positive words, Stephanie, and also to hear that despite the awful journey, Sarah remains cheerful. And dear Sarah, I hope that you will soon be in the right place to once again share your creativity

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