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Sep 072015
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I had been on Hurunui River Bridge before and had always wanted to stop and photograph it.

However usually when I pass the turnoff there are other people in the car who want to get home!!

This time it was just me.

I made a few images that I also like but, unsurprisingly given my current fixation, it needed something more.

Perhaps a figure!! I was the only one available but I do feel like I am crossing to a new place at the moment (two years on September 3rd) so it seemed appropriate. So this is the first “preplanned” figure in the landscape image.

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  6 Responses to “Crossing”

  1. Very appropriate you have been on a long bridge over the last few years, enjoyable image. I think a few of us can relate to the crossing a bridge, going into new ground or time in our lives, who knows but us.

  2. Lol. …I love the little zen views of lone trees showing through the bridge structure. Joking aside Ian these last few images of yours have a feel of direction to them and carry a developing style. I really like this image as the lines strongly drive us to consider the human element in the image (disregarding the zen trees of course! )

  3. great dynamic composition Ian. love the treatment too. i wonder if this is extra sharp because it has been made with a A7r2.

  4. Your life is heading in the right direction now, that’s for sure. What a long 2 years it has been for you. This is a very haunting image Ian – heart and soul stuff.

  5. You look relaxed making this crossing. I just wonder what’s going to happen when you get yo the other side! Exciting stuff.

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