Last of the Great Expeditions

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Aug 312015
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It started like just another day, a day out with my camera in hand. We departed on a safari to the inner depths of darkest Central Otago or more precisely the Maniototo.
Our goal was to photograph something more elusive than the Yeti or the the Loch Ness monster. In fact I was very pessimistic that there was actually any chance of us being successful but in the spirit of Amundsen and Columbus we set off, hoping somehow to make history.
Our intention….to photograph the target, Lonis Treeis (Ian Walls varius) in their breeding ground We had consulted the world renowned expert of these creatures, Professor Ian Walls and were glad we had as no normal person could have given us the understand of these near mythical creatures as he had.
As the day went on we started to get very disillusioned and really started to believe that we were to never experience a sighting then, just as we were ready to cut our losses, in the distance something caught my eye. It was not one but a large herd of trees.
The young enjoying play while the elders of the tribe were keeping look out for any predators. What luck. I managed together just a few shots before they were spooked and it was all over but in the time we had with these beautiful creatures we managed to experience something never to be forgotten.

What an experience.

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  3 Responses to “Last of the Great Expeditions”

  1. Not sure which I enjoyed more- the story or the photo! 😃

  2. My vision of the mighty Ferg dressed in pith helmet, elephant gun over his shoulder, crossed cartridge belts over his front and sporting loose fitting shorts is almost too much to imagine – just as well I have the reality of your image Ferg

  3. Hilarious! Well done with both. You surprised me.

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