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Aug 292015
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The current world stage has been challenging me to make use of my knowledge about the differences between gnostics and literalists. Gnostics are those people who have a knowledge of truth, they interpret the stories and teachings of their spiritual traditions as signposts pointing beyond words altogether to the mystical experience of the ineffable Mystery. Literalists associate their faith with its outward manifestations – sacred symbols, scriptures, rituals, ecclesiastical leaders etc.
Gnostics see themselves as being on a spiritual jorney of personal transformation. Literalists believe their own spiritual traditions give them a unique claim on the Truth. They formulate dogmas which define membership of their particular cult. They are prepared to enforce their opinions and silence those who dissent, justifying their actions by claiming that they are fulfilling Gods will.
Gnostics question the presuppositions of their own culture. They follow their hearts not the herd. They have a private quest for enlightnement wishing to free themselves from the limitations of their personal and cultural identities and experience the oneness of all things. They have no reluctance in accepting or adopting the wisdom of other traditions.
Despite the many levels of persecution from literalists the gnostics have survived. They have been suppressed but not eradicated. They possess the spontaneous expression of the natural inquisitiveness and enthusiastic exhuberance of the human soul. They have an unquenchable thirst for truth and the undeniable urge to enjoy. Theirs is the spirit of liberty, equality, love and insight. This is the force of life. It always reasserts itself.

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