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Aug 272015
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Another “Figure in the Landscape”. And I need to think of a better title then that!

There are also a couple of older images that also fit in here now that I think about it.

The interesting thing is that these images have all been made individually, without any intention of creating a series. But now that I have recognised that they fit together things have changed. Now every time I see a figure, or a landscape that could use a figure, I will be creating with that intent.

I wonder how that will change things, or perhaps the whole thing will fizzle out….

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  3 Responses to “Fisherman”

  1. Ian, I love the texture effects you’ve been using on your images lately. For me they add a suggestion of more happening beyond what the eye immediately sees.

  2. I am enjoying your figures in the landscape images. You set me thinking about my own work and I realise I have many also. A number of photographers and painters create such images which all differ and bear the style stamp of their creator. I googled this subject and depending on the keywords used many different images and artists result. I think yours are unique with their vastness, the textures and proximity of the person to water in some way. You are not imitating any other artist, in my opinion.

  3. So far they have been great. so just go with it Ian. Sometimes we need to push hard but other times we just let it happen.

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