Aug 212015
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A blenny is a very small fish – centimeters long- that live in holes, or sometimes bottles…somewhere good to hide. Some of them have fantastic facial expressions. Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows I love fish faces, and that I am obscessed with blennies (among others!).
I’ve photographed many over the years, and only once before have I seen the last face. And, of course, it was on my last dive of a trip and was running out of air, so couldn’t hang out for him to do it again.
The next trip to PNG, I found one, but was in a very surgy, strong current spot. So I lodged myself between 2 rocks, focused on his face and waited.
He did not disappoint! It’s still one of my favorite fish face photos. But including several, just makes it even funnier.
I suspect he’s telling me to f&*# off. 🙂

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  2 Responses to “Faces of Blenny – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. Love it – and I have absolutely no doubt that he is telling you to f&*# off!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. That third face caught my eye immediately. You did well to catch that one with patience and perseverance and oxygen

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