On the Rocks

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Aug 162015
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Its interesting how you stumble upon things that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

John commented on my “African Gaze” that it reminded him of a Cole Thomson series called “Lone Man”. I hadn’t seen that work for some time but I looked at it again and I agree. The same but completely different.

Cole wouldn’t agree with me looking at his work and comparing it to mine as he has a philosophy of “photographic celibacy” which means that he believes that looking at others work ruins his individual vision.

Im not sure that I agree as I believe that we are all influenced but multiple external things not just others art.

Anyway after looking at Coles work again I realised that I had made a few other “figure in the landscape” images recently so I processed them in the same style.

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  2 Responses to “On the Rocks”

  1. I am enjoying your figures in the distance. I quite like the texture you have used on this one

  2. I liked Cole’s series and I like your series Ian as well. But the only similarity is that a person is in a landscape – the colour, layers and landscapes are very different and are consistent with your view of the world. I look forward to you expanding on this theme.
    Re Cole, I understand the point he makes but, for me, he takes it to an extreme position.

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