Aug 102015
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The harshness of the man made tracks contrasting with the gentleness of the sand dunes makes me wonder what vehicle ventured there and why. I made this while flying over the sand dunes in a six seater aircraft on the Atlantic coast of Namibia.

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  5 Responses to “To boldly go … – Barbara Burry”

  1. Barbara, the contrast that caught your eye is precisely what appealed to me too.

  2. Nice contrast of line quality. probably photographers! It looks like either two vehicles using the same track or one returning over the same track. As little impact as they could. But with the reality “I ‘ve done that” hat on.: One gentle breeze over these sand only dunes and all is erased. Not the case for other parts of the desert. But in the right place a lot of fun can be had with out any impact. This great thing about this image is that it invites the viewer to make up a story about what happen here. A human story.

    • Thanks Tim. I did think it could be “dune riders” like we did on the way to Pomona. And it was fun! And I am pleased that the vehicle footprint will disappear in the wind and leave no trace of human’s impact

  3. Fantastic shapes and minimalist simplicity. lovely shot Barbara!

  4. Thanks John and Jaims for your comments. Much appreciated

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