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  1. I like it Tim. Man’s mark on nature. Besides the things left behind, barbed wire in the desert! Great composition.

  2. visions of Crusoe and Man Friday here for me !!
    Putting that aside this is a lovely image to sit with and make up stories for it.

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head. This image is for making up your own story. The object , that cube, is not an object at all , but a very tightly defined subject. An idea, a paradigm, a belief a state of being. To bottle is whatever you want it to be , a memory of good times or a vessel that held poison. Barbed wire fence, a restriction and barrier. Wide open horizon, infinite possibility and freedom. Clouds are clouds, the environment in which we exist. I hadn’t seen this until you mentioned making up stories. Interestingly my logo first had a sketched cube in it. We spent 6 weeks of drawing class just drawing cubes. Not a moment wasted in hindsight.

  3. I think it is interesting that a few of our recent images show man’s negative impact on the environment – this one of yours and my “To boldly go . . ” But we can’t escape the fact that we have been here. My lines will disappear in the next windstorm; the detritus here will take a little longer to decay. And yes, we always see a different story in an image. I think that makes life interesting

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