Redgate Beach – Number 2

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Aug 052015
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This is from exactly the same place as my previous post.

The image was made almost an hour later when the light was fading fast. The movement was exaggerated by using an ND filter.

I am really happy with this picture and I’m pleased because the final version is very close to the image that I imagined while I was there.

However I’m left with the thought – which one is the more real interpretation of the day?

Perhaps I should just say that this one is what I felt while the previous one is what I saw……

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  4 Responses to “Redgate Beach – Number 2”

  1. Maybe you were in a different frame of mind for each capture. I really like this has a real feeling of expanse for me. Very enjoyable.

  2. Truth? Another great example. It’s all a matter of perspective. Love it.

  3. Just beautiful Ian

  4. Stunning image Ian – printed yet? (Just trying to get my own back)

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