Aug 042015
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I’m a meteorologist, so my images tend to have lots of sky in them. This one is from June, when I was lucky enough to be on Tony Bridge’s “Painterly Landscape” workshop in the Maniototo. We had been freezing our boots off, standing in ankle deep snow with tripods, capturing scenes of a cottage and the Hawkduns while the sun set.

On the way back, I noticed this lone tree on a hillside, and asked our driver to pull over. There was no time to set up a tripod; the warm hospitality of the Wedderburn Pub for drinks and dinner beckoned. So this was hand-held out the window. While the tree had initially attracted me, the simple composition was expanded to include three delicate wave clouds, and the beautiful colours of the crisp Central Otago evening sky.

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  7 Responses to “Lonely Tree and the Sky – Neil Gordon”

  1. Very graphic and classic Neil. Simple is great

  2. Simple clean and gentle, very gentle. I love it Neil, thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful, Neil. I always wondered how that one came out. Right up there with Lisa’a Trees. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, Neil. I love your simplicity. Those clouds!

  5. Great composition using vastness to emphasise the (small) tree. Love colour too.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. Amazing how, sometimes, the best shots are the most unprepared for ones. *That* is truly a wonderful talent.

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments – much appreciated, as was the opportunity to provide a guest post. 🙂

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