Aug 022015
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It’s taken me a while to realise why this picture resonated with me as much as it did.

It was getting colder. And colder. The sun withdrew and as a parting gift left us gold in the clouds. Glittery gold.

All the while the foreground, and the ground under my feet, grew ever colder as the light slid away over the horizon. The waves appeared in my subconscious. The sea washing through, unsettled and on the move. And the big waves in the distance, a presence imposing but not threatening.

And I was transported. From that time, and that place.

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  4 Responses to “I go to the mountains, to the sea. Maniototo, June 2015”

  1. I only have one word to describe this……..Home

    I have a place on my wall that this would look great in.

  2. Beautiful. I love the way you find resonance between land and sea. Perhaps they were once one.

  3. So airy too! looks like a hyper animated dark sea (as in night).

    There is so much movement in the shadows.

    Its one of the first photos I’ve seen of yours that you don’t have to look at for very long, it just moves and makes you think all on its own.

    Its filled with nostalgia for lots of reasons, but mostly just because its attached to images or memories of looking at the see.

    It looks like my imagination.

    amazing mum. super subtle and understated.

  4. Your sea is moving, oh so gently, yet there is a strength. Really enjoy this.

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