Samoan Kids

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Jul 312015
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I spent a lot of my time in Samoa recently seeking out & photographing kids, it was so much fun, these guys were some of the funniest, they loved to get there picture taken.

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  2 Responses to “Samoan Kids”

  1. I used to go there regularly when I was flying the 767. I always enjoyed going for a run along the waterfront, chatting to or watching the kids play and swim.

    Things are pretty basic there but they do a lot of things right and the kids are always smiling and friendly.

  2. This was taken on Savaii island, the whole island is so different from Opulo, a lot more traditional, Booked for next year, that will be the 3rd trip. You are right Ian the kids are happy, they are fun to be around and really LOVE getting there picture taken.

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