Mother and Child

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Jul 272015
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“Symbolic images are more than data: they are vital seeds, living carriers of possibility.”

A photographic friend of mine working in Australia has completed a body of work entitled “Concrete”. My friend has Parkinson’s Disease. One of the effects of Parkinson’s Disease is the loss of fine muscle control in the face – which means that the subtleties of facial expression and the subsequent connections that we make through reading these nuances is hidden.
My friend wanted to show what it is like to have intense emotion inside you and yet have people struggle to read your face and know how you were feeling. He asked his models to consider an emotion that they would express only through their eyes, without using facial muscle cues. He then asked the models to dunk their faces into a bucket of water, pull out their head and immediately focus their emotion through their eyes directly at his lens. The series of images he recorded showed how he feels about being stuck in his body:
“My face is like concrete. I know that I am smiling, but no one can see it. When I am sad, only my tears give it away. What if you were me? How would you connect, if you only had your eyes and your mouth was closed? What if? ”

All of the above preamble leads to my posted image. I began to think about the ways we might be stuck in “Concrete” in our own lives – through our mental stagnation or our physical situations.

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  4 Responses to “Mother and Child”

  1. Very powerful Pauline and just the thing for me right now. You have hit a raw nerve. I love every thing about this and especially what it says about you as a person and an artist. Congratulations.

  2. This image is just so beautiful. I love it. The words are just so meaningful. Both the image and the words have really struck me Thankyou

  3. Wow. Beautiful. A reminder to reach up out of our own concrete and to be aware that others may be set in their own concrete.

  4. Ive been looking at again and again since you posted it and couldn’t figure out just what to say – you have made me really think about it.

    So what I see is the child pulling the Mother out from the “concrete”.
    To me this is about how a childs needs (or any other family member or friend in need I guess, but kids are especially good at “needy”) instantly focuses our viewpoint so that the “concrete” of normal life dissolves in an instant.

    This, to me, is an image about what is really important in life

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