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Jul 262015
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We spent a very hot night in a tourist version of a Berber desert camp and, with little sleep, were roused from our bed at 5:40am, with the loudly whispered “English!” at our tent flap. It was still very dark, but we were to ride our camels back to civilisation earlier than the other tourists in our camp, to ensure we didn’t miss our early evening flight back to the UK. Our young guide must have drawn the short straw in the ‘getting up early’ stakes! He walked, as was usual, leading our camels. We stopped to watch the sunrise, which, despite the advertising, matched the display of the previous evening’s sunset, and was a bit of a let down. The sunrise and sunset, on this occasion, may have been disappointing in comparison with our other experiences, however the light was lovely and the trip itself was magic! Two months after our trip to Morocco, I still ‘buzz’ when I recall riding a camel into the Saharan dunes.

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  1. Vicki, they say practice makes perfect. Your progression is proving it!

  2. Vicki this is a great image in my opinion. A definite double thumbs up !!!

  3. When a photo creates a memory that gives you a buzz then you have surely succeeded

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