22 July 2015

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Jul 232015
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Today I decided to step out of my comfort zone with a 10-24mm lens. Time to look outwards for a change, not inwards. Look for the big picture, not isolation. Yeah right! What I learned is that I am as stubborn as an ox and I have very strong preferences (I hear the chorus out there). After trying all the stock approaches to wide angle and getting thoroughly frustrated I tried a different tack and this is the result. I have spent the evening pondering this image – why did this design grab my attention (and yes it did, big time)? There is not a triangle in sight. It is abstract as anything I have ever done. All I know is that I had a big struggle today and felt I may not make friends with this lens but in the end listened hard to voices from my past – “make friends with this beach Bruce”, “the best place to make photos is right here and now with that lens in your hand”. I fought and fought the inner gremlins and then I started looking, the flood gates opened. A different lens, a different way of seeing, new opportunities, creativity exercised in different ways. EXCITEMENT. BUT what does it all mean? First, I still found the little picture in the big picture BUT what was it about this design and treatment that has so grabbed me? Buggered if I know ….. for now anyway. More wise council reverberates in my head “the subconscious leads the conscious”. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?

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  1. Good on you for putting in the determination of trying something different and listening or not to all the ‘recordings’ in your head of what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s something that one could have easily walked by, but you found the image in it. You say no triangles, but there’s an ‘implied’ one. Good job!

  2. For me that the story here is a suggestion that we should, on occasion anyway, focus on the things very close to us (the here and now) because if you focus on the distant landscape (the rest of your life) then things that are very close simply disappear.

    The implies triangle that I see is the three points where the fencing wire intersects the edge of the frame.

    This is a quite different “Girdwood” and I really like it

  3. One day you will find out till then enjoy the challenge ,the new Excitement, take advantage of the creativity. I once was told by a B&W photographer I admire, when the creativity is flowing, keep it flowing, as the next time you need it it will come easier. If we are not challenging ourselves how can we grow as artists?

  4. I think Bruce you are at a level with your photography that it is irrelevant what equipment, technique or even location you use. You are making images that communicate an idea or message rather than make a record. Often in a form that provides an insight for yourself and others into the nature of life at the moment. So no matter what gear you have or where you are you may make a similar meaning image. For me in this I see divisions that are trying to divide up life into compartments.There is a strong grounding aspect to that. But some noise that makes it harder to see that clearly. That’s what I see because that resonates with me at the moment.

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