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Jul 212015
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As in my last post, snow was absolutely everywhere – right up to the edge of the road right through central. But then I saw the potential in this scene where the foreground snow bank was in shade and the mountains only just poked over the foreground and were in bright sunlight.
I know this “less” is probably too extreme for most people. But I liked the small suggestion of white mountains behind the wide stretch of land with power lines (typical of that area) and then that hard edge stuff being softened by some cloud and moon behind the cloud.
The image out of the camera was very ordinary but this was a case where I had a clear vision of what the final outcome would be. More often than not that is the case but I also enjoy getting surprised on other occasions.

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  1. I like this style John. I get a real sense of vastness with that wide crop. Then the hint of mountain gives it depth

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