African gaze – the view

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Jul 172015
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On the way to the spot where Ian made his last image, with a texture I made where I was standing in that picture. Well more or less. When I put these two together, not in camera this time, I got this colourful image. To me this area was more colourful than the raw files would suggest so I liked it. So I guess that is my view on things , I like to see the colour, what makes a place up, the colourful history and people, the stories and adventures that are part of a place. We where lucky enough to learn some of that. To see the colour.

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  5 Responses to “African gaze – the view”

  1. This is special Tim. You got it and that makes me very happy. This image touches me. And so did Ian’s but for a very different reason.

  2. I love this image

  3. Intensity is what I see here – and that sums up Africa pretty well as I saw it

  4. I’m intrigued by the similarities of my last posted image and this one of yours.

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