African Gaze

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Jul 142015
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I felt a bit disappointed at the time I made this image.

We were under a bit of time pressure (there was wine and beer waiting at the top of the hill) and when we left I felt that we had been in a wonderful place that I hadn’t really done justice to with my pictures.

However when I looked through the images again I found this. I remember saying to Tim “Hang on a second please and just stand there looking out ……..”

This reminded me of my “Ocean Gaze” image from earlier this year – I must have a thing about gazing at a landscape, be it ocean or magical vista.

Anyway to repeat myself from my earlier post:

“I’m really pleased with this image because it is more about the figure than the landscape.

I think of it as a self-portrait of someone else.”

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  5 Responses to “African Gaze”

  1. One small image of a person totally changes a landscape. It always surprises me how my perception is changed by it.
    Although totally different style, it reminds me of the series done by Cole Thompson.

  2. Adding the person adds another dimension to the landscape, enjoyable.

  3. Love it. I especially like the feels in the photo 🙂

  4. Oops that’s supposed to be the fella in the photo. Silly spellcheck!

  5. I like it Ian. I would like a print

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