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Jul 062015
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Four images made from a locked of camera at the same time. The only difference being the position of the polarising filter.
The world is always complex so by necessity we all assess the world through our own filters. This shows how different our truths can be. Each one is a true representation of what is there but each one is different. This is not only a personal thing but extends to scientific fact.

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  5 Responses to “Truth?”

  1. Excellent illustration of how perception changes the same fact. Our filters can quite blind us to some beauty; and some ugliness; but having the wider view provided by a multiplicity of views can enable us to see the bigger picture. We may still choose to look through our own filters unchanged, but at least then we are doing it by choice and not ignorance. And my optimistic view is that having seen the beauty in those other views, it would be hard not to take on even a little bit of that filter. It is my wish anyway.

  2. Such wise observations Tim and Jenny. Just goes to show that we each see what we are enabled/choose to see – life can set the angle of the polariser for us and if we are lucky we realise that different angles give different perspectives of the same truth. When we don’t realise this our egos can get in the way and we argue the truth when we are all correct. I have been guilty. Brilliant use of photography Tim. Thanks.

    • what I have learnt in recent times is that this also applys to things that are considered the truth. Science and engineering for example depend on the model used and the factors considered.

  3. I love the image and I love the concept.

    For me it begs the question – Is there any such thing as “THE Truth”.
    I believe that the answer is clearly no and that applies to questions ranging from religious views to “does my bum look big in this?”

    So the truth in any one situation depends on the viewers perception, the external influences and the interaction between the two.
    Perhaps we should all assume that we really have no idea what anyone else is thinking.

    But men have always known that about women…….

  4. Brilliant concept and great artistic presentation.
    Partly due to old age (more experiences to reflect on) and some of the reading i have been doing in recent years, i agree with you and with Ian. Books such as “Thinking. Fast and Slow” and “Stumbling on Happiness” demonstrate how our minds play so many tricks on us. But what the heck, just getting on with life is the thing and learning a bit about ourselves and the world at the same time. Understanding a bit more about choice is useful too – as long as we do not think that we have based it on THE truth. A working approximation is the best we can do.
    Recently i had someone say they preferred to communicate with me by email so that, unlike a face to face, there are no grey areas! As a black and white photographer i know there are only shades of grey.

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