The Fossil Man

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Jul 042015
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In our Marrakech Riad (hotel) we noticed that between each of the four floors the steps were made of an almost black material, which was cool like marble, but had a pattern apparently painted or printed on them of what appeared to be fossilised shells. Some of the floors were paved with the same material. You can probably guess where I’m heading!
On our way to the desert, our guide stopped at a shop and said they did an interesting talk and demonstration about their products and assured us it was free and that we didn’t have to buy anything. All we could see from the road was slabs of dusty grey stone. We were introduced to the business owner and he took us out the back where his first step was to grab a bottle of water and pour it over a slab of the cut stone, which immediately came to life! It was at that moment that we looked at each other and laughed. The stone had turned dark and glossy and we could see it was full of fossilised shells, some circular and larger than a spread hand, others long and narrow. After showing us the cutting and polishing equipment (similar to that used for pounamu) we were invited to view the merchandise in the store. We did buy a small pendant, but I was most impressed by their bathroom sinks, carved out of solid stone, with a beautiful swirl carved into the surface around a prominent fossil, all glossy and filled with fossils. It’s just as well we don’t have a house to put one in – it might have blown my luggage allowance!
It’s no doubt stating the obvious, but the subject of my post is the gentleman who took us on the tour of his premises.

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  1. This man is certainly connecting with you Vicki. Radiates warmth. he must be a great salesman

  2. You appear to be more and more comfortable with the “people” space judging by the responses from your subjects. Can you please remember if you do end up bringing a chunk of that stone, or a basin or two home, I’d be very happy for you to put one in your luggage for me too! Sounds amazing.

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