Jul 022015
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an interpretation of cultural dislocation in a strange city in a strange land. Design and detail in a society where form, order and discipline is rewarded, and finding an unpopulated urban scene is both rare and confronting.

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  4 Responses to “Nagoya, Japan, 3:45am. – Ian Poole”

  1. I like it. Graphically very strong. The repeating windows of the building speak of the uniformity. The key to it in my eye is the lone figure bisected by the window. Cut in half, traveling with a bag ,out of shot. The car is a little tidy container of humanity busily going toward that uniform grid.

  2. It is interesting that with the place empty there is nothing that really says “Japan” and does that suggest that beneath the trimmings our cities are essentially the same world-over??

  3. I love this image, Ian. Thanks for sharing. I love the lines, the tension, the movement – very lovely image indeed. 🙂 Ann Worthy Stephenson

  4. This fascinates me Ian, thanks for your company with this contribution. The trappings are there of a very busy environment but the one person/one car thing gives it a very eerie quality for me – sort of like after the apocalypse. I’m wondering where everyone else has disappeared to.

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