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Jen, thank you for giving me the courage to put this image up today. Your image of the Maniototo is influenced by Grahame Sydney, the master of that particular landscape. This image is influenced by one of the photographers that has had a fundamental influence on my photography. FREEMAN Patterson, the master of this landscape. Like you, I made this image and then could not help “recognising FREEMAN Patterson loudly in the influence”. For this reason I have hesitated putting it up. Looking at your image I realised that we respond to the world through our own life experience and that our photographic responses reflect those life long influences, whether they be your mother or father’s love of the natural world, your love of a particular artists rendition of a landscape or anything else. After seeing your image and reading your response I realised this image is true to me and I want to share it because it is born out of a particularly strong affinity with this place of rocks and quiver trees. It took me 3 visits over 15 years before I was able to make this image, which, for me at least, captures the essence of the fleeting moment reflected here.

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  1. I know what you mean Bruce. The man is an exceptional teacher and I especially like the content of the book behind his image you refer to.
    But to be there and to see this sight and to have the opportunity to record it for future enjoyment is something so special.
    I am so envious!

  2. Bruce, you did take us to this wonderful place and set us loose before dawn when the few seconds of magic light occurred. AND you told us about that magic light. So of course we all went looking for that magic. But we all stood in our own spot and made our own images in our own way. My aging brain doesn’t remember seeing yours or Freeman’s images of this area so I went there with no pre-conceived ideas. And I hoped that I would enjoy what I created and that they will be different from everyone else who has ever photographed here.

  3. Very lovely photograph. Magical place. Tim and I decided to randomly select a book from the shelf to sit down and enjoy recently. Magically, it was Freemans book on Namaqualand! We couldn’t believe it!
    I’ve been thinking in the las few days if he realises how much impact he has had on us all.

  4. I have posted my thoughts on influence and acknowledgement on Jen’s last post. This is an excellent example of acknowledgement used appropriately, where it becomes a homage. Quite probably without Freeman and this image and certainly Bruce, I would not have ended up in this place. For that I am very grateful. I too made a similar image, for myself , out of respect.

  5. I’m glad you DID put this up Bruce. I haven’t seen Freeman’s rendition of this place, but having heard him speak, and seen other work, I can understand how you felt influenced. This whole concept of us/them and recognition of the influences in our work, regardless of whether they’ve come about deliberately or just by general osmosis is interesting and very important. A very powerful picture.

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