Jun 272015
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As many of aGathering followers will know, a few of us have recently been to Africa with Bruce.
One of the places visited was Kolmanskop, a former diamond mining town now ghost town extraordinaire. We’ve all seen many an image of the area, and we all wanted to make images with a personal interpretation.
My over-active imagination came up with ghost-like images still floating about in this ghost town. The lovely model is a very lovely Namibian lady, named Memory Joy.

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  7 Responses to “Inbetween – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. Wow Ann, you really have made something special out of this. Awesome I love it.

  2. Anne, this is wonderful. To me this levitating lady is a floating spirit within the Kolmanskop ghost town. I watched you going aGathering right from the start of our journey. You had your idea in your mind’s eye and collected appropriate images throughout the holiday for this creation. Thank you for allowing me to be a fly on the wall of your creativity. I look forward to viewing more of your creations.

  3. Oh Ann, you make me so happy to see images like this come from our trip. Very special and you should be so proud.

  4. Great image, well planned. Previsualisation perfected.

  5. I love where this ended up Ann – and it was great getting a couple of “sneak previews” along the way.

    Totally understand the desire to move past the images that you have seen before and the way you did it is wonderful. You took a simple idea (ghosts) and made a great story image

  6. I love your creativity Ann – the imagination that makes the picture and the technical skills to make the vision real. Lovely, lovely work. You inspire me.

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