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Friends invited us to the Sorbiton Beer and Music Festival in their suburb of London. We sat on the grass to enjoy one of the bands – the grown-up nephews of our hosts. At the end, this interesting character introduced himself to us and told us some of his interesting life. He’s in his 70s but still loves attending concerts and has even been invited on stage to dance – sadly, we can’t remember which band it was, but we remember being impressed, and amazed! Seeing the camera around my neck, he asked if I’d like to take his photo! How could I refuse? Unfortunately he then proceeded to jump up and down and shimmy his way over the grass in front of me, making him quite a difficult subject to catch! After snapping off several images, and knowing I was failing miserably, I asked if he’d like to see them, and he pulled out his reading glasses to inspect the back of my camera. I apologised that a lot of them had him poorly framed or partially cut off because I wasn’t quick enough to capture his ‘moves’, and asked if he’d mind standing still for a moment to make it easier for me. He did so, and I was able to capture an interesting portrait …. and then, just as he was about to launch into his moves again, I caught him with this image, which far more accurately represents this hyperactive senior citizen of many moves!

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  1. This one is a real beauty!! He looks like he is captured in mid sentence and is about to run off.

    I also love the sparkle in his eye – and that it is captured so well even though it is hidden under the peak of his cap.

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