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Jun 212015
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If you struggle with the use of electronic flash when shooting exciting portraits, consider this: use an ordinary household flashlight. Have your ‘model’ lay down, and with camera on tripod, focus and compose the portrait however you choose, (in this case its just the face and hair) and set your ISO to 100, your aperture to f/11 and your shutter speed to two seconds and turn OFF manual focus. Now turn out the lights and turn on the flashlight and shine it onto the subjects face while pointing the flashlight through your hand and outstretched fingers and now your hand is like a ‘gobo’ which is screen like ‘filter’ that is often used over studio lights to create a dappled light effect. It takes a bit of practice, but when its all said and done, you will end up with that very dappled light effect that you see here. As far as white balance, that will depend on the kind of bulb your flashlight uses. Some flashlights use a daylight balanced lightbulb so if that is the case use a SHADE WB and if your flashlight uses a tungsten bulb, use a SUNNY WB and in both cases, you will get the yellow/orange warm light effect on your subject.” Nikon D800E, Nikkor 24mm-120mm at 100mm, f/11@ 2 seconds, 100 ISO

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  1. WOW. Those lips and that eye. Powerful. Sultry.
    Then instructions on how to do it as well.
    Thanks Bryan.

  2. less is more

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