Jun 162015
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I was privileged to be included in Bruce’s African gathering excursion for 26 days in Africa.

It was a “hard work” holiday as we chased sunrises and sunsets and trees and rocks and sand and animals nearly every day and photographed all the time. Each moment presented a new vision and a new surprise. We never knew what to expect next. I couldn’t choose just one image from the many thousands I made on this most magical photographic safari ever which was in fact, probably my best holiday ever, so I chose two.

We spent our first week in Swaziland at Kuthula, Bruce’s sister, Vanessa, and brother-in-law, Chris’s lodge on Milwane Game Park. We enjoyed forest walks every morning after rusks and coffee in the dark, but on one morning we were delayed because of a totally enveloping fog which meant we made many photos before taking to the forest tracks.

This huge tree is a weeping Boer-bean tree (weeping due to nectar dripping from the flowers in spring) and bean because it is leguminous. The Afrikaans name is a Huilboerboon tree (where huil = cry). It is Vanessa’s favourite tree and one of the reasons that she and Chris built their lodge on this particular section. It is on the edge of the river bank and between the main house and the guest units. The previous night the green light and smoke from the barbeque fire illuminated it. The next morning it was shrouded in the mist.

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  3 Responses to “Huilboerboon Tree – Barbara Burry”

  1. Barbara – a comment from Vanessa – “Thanks so much for passing this on to us Bruce – such amazing and totally different pictures its hard to believe its the same place and tree. Thanks to you Barbara for showing us these pics – it was a privilege to have all Bruce’s friends stay at Kuthula xx”

    and from me – what a lovely evening and morning this represents. So glad you had a wonderful holiday Barbara. That means the world to me! I thoroughly enjoyed your company and showing you around some of my very special places.

  2. I like the idea of photographing the same subject in different lights. There are elements of time and different personalities there.

  3. This idea is worth continuing with Barbara, works well and would make a great series.

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