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Jun 152015
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In response to a series that Bruce is showing currently Id like to offer up this image.

I find that crosses and their symbolism drift in and out of my imagery at times. I’ve never taken the time to try to analyse the reason why…..for two reasons, first I always drift off subject and second I’m scared what the answer might be.

More to follow I’m sure.

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  5 Responses to “Cross”

  1. I too find crosses, as in crucifixs, in my images often and I too am not always sure why, because I am not one for organised religion. Often in mine I guess it is the symbolism of death or the passing into the next place. But what ever reason it is a strong symbol,

  2. A very strong, and ancient symbol. I’m not sure why either Ferg, but for some reason it sits well with what I know of you. There’s more to it than our understanding in the religious sense too, something more to explore.

    This picture is very simple, and very strong itself. I love the way it’s lit.

  3. We are told by those with more experience than us that we need to analyse our images – go back a number of years and see if we can get some repeating shapes. I first came across this idea in the Freeman’s workshop that I attended. I have also head other speakers at conferences say this. But, I haven’t ever done it, and like you Ferg, I am a little afraid. I keep seeing curves in my images disappearing out of frame and I have no idea what it means and what my subconscious is saying to me. I shall let that idea “lie on the table” for a while and see what percolates to the surface! Maybe we need a brainstorming session some time 🙂

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