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Jun 122015
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No. He’s not Kiwi. But he is a born salesman!
We were cruising the stalls in the central outdoor market of Marrakesh, looking for a suitable place for dinner. We didn’t get far. This young man approached us as we entered the main aisle of ‘restaurants’. They are often little more than a trailer with shelves to display their produce and a couple of trestle tables and benches with a canopy above and a few burners out the back.
Anyway, back to our “Kiwi Bro”. He started by suggesting his fine establishment for our dinner. We replied “We’re just looking”; “Where are you from?”; “New Zealand.”; “Kiwis!!!” he said at the top of his voice, then continued to reel off a stream of Kiwi slang, beginning with “Kiwi Bro”. Having reeled us in and seated us at a table, he went back to trawling for his next catch. He was very good, and obviously multilingual, as were many Moroccans we met.
I remember an encounter at a petrol station somewhere on the desert side of the Atlas mountains, where our guide stopped to fill the tank of his 4WD. The young man who served him had worked out he was a guide with tourists on board, so proceeded to impress Hamed, our guide, by talking to him in seven languages. Hamed could manage ‘only’ five!
It’s still a [big!] challenge for me to ask, no matter how friendly and confident I appear to be on the outside. But afterwards I can look into the eyes of these people in my images, and I know that those eyes looked into mine before they looked into my camera’s lens.

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  1. Vicki, you have made such progress with this challenge of yours. You are inspirational as I too would very much like to be able to say “I can look into the eyes of these people in my images, and I know that those eyes looked into mine before they looked into my camera’s lens”. That is such a powerful statement. As usual, a great portrait that tells me that you and your “Kiwi Bro” have looked into each-others eyes. As I said, inspirational!

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your series of portraits Vicki. I was taught many years ago by Dick Poole that among the challenges for top portrait makers, was to have good lighting, definite eye contact which you get by communicating with your subjects. You might be finding it difficult, but I think you are succeeding with this project as your portraits show wonderful piercing eyes and great lighting. It also appears to be giving you the opportunity to interact with local people and get some great stories to share with us. I love the sepia tones and shallow dof you are using in these recent images.

  3. I like the way you have capture him engaging with the camera- you- viewer.

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