Quiver Tree and the Southern Cross

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Jun 112015
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I made several “night sky” images while we were in Africa.

I think it was a reaction to an environment very different to the one I was used to. Regardless of the amazing beauty and the welcoming people I felt foreign and out of my element.

Yet here, in a chilly desert on the other side of the world, above me was the same Southern Cross. I liked that.

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  3 Responses to “Quiver Tree and the Southern Cross”

  1. It is amazing what a familiar something can do to put us at ease in a foreign place. You showed no signs of being out of your element! You grasped the place by the horns and wrestled it into your photographs and engaged at every level. You we inspirational company! Great image with a great connection.

  2. Love the texture and colour contrast in this Ian.

  3. Yes it was interesting that inn such a strange place the sky is the same one we look at. It always feels so much a unique part of the landscape we are in. But it’s not . It’s far away. A good reminder that everything is connected I think.

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