Kokerboomkloof- Freeman Patterson

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Jun 102015
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An image I made this year at Kokerboomkloof, very near the campsite just before dinner. As for words of wisdom, well how about “The best place in the world to see and to make good photographs is wherever you are.”

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  1. Welcome Freeman, great to have one of your images on our site.

  2. Thank you, Freeman, for sharing your art and wisdom on aGathering. I regularly remember “the best camera is the one you have with you”, but I’d temporarily forgotten your gem about “where”. I must create my own little mantra of the things I know but forget, though it may turn out to be a long poem instead!

  3. Hi Freeman – its great to have you here, especially with an image from such a special place as this.

    For me, from all of your teachings at your workshop and from reading your books, these “words of wisdom” have touched me the most.
    There is ALWAYS a photograph to make.

    I view this in a wider sense – no matter what the circumstance, the place or the time, there are ALWAYS beautiful and interesting things to perceive and see. Sometimes the hard part is remembering that this is the case so that you look for the beauty.

    Once again, thankyou for teaching me to look.

  4. For me this image tells a story that life finds a way to exist in such an extreme environment. Requiring very very specific conditions. A narrow strip of opportunity But diverse and dynamic life still the same. Having been lucky enough to have been there that is one of my lasting impressions. I do believe that where you stand is the best place to photograph and that all the wisdom of the world surrounds us at all times. It is just a matter of decoding it. I am also very very grateful that where I have been standing includes special places like this.

  5. Hi Freeman, as you know I have an enduring relationship with this special place. The simplicity of your image releases a lot of what I feel about this place. Harsh and fragile, soft and hard, all at once. I too agree with your “wisdom”. The trick is to stop and look at the familiar in a way that releases what that place helps us see and feel. Most of the time this is subconscious, the art of photography is to bring that subconscious to the fore, it is much easier in places as unique and different as the Richtersveld. Not all of us are good at doing this anywhere – the joy of photography!! Another thank you for the reminder, and for sharing with us on aGathering!

  6. Hullo Freeman. I think your image radiates strength and power in its simplicity. The plants and the people showed me this with their ability to not only survive but also to grow and flourish in this mountain desert. I think that all of us who have recently visited this amazing place felt that power. And I always remember your words of wisdom so am happy to find images in my own backyard.

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