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Jun 092015
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Continuing on the theme of rocks and crossroads. This image shows the black hole of decision making when faced with options. To get out the other side we need to know what we want. Getting to know what we want requires a deep look into the murky depths of ones own past history and conditioned thinking. It takes guts to make sure we do not make the same decisions we have always made. This is the challenge I have been facing – liberation surely comes when it feels right deep inside.

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  3 Responses to “Crossroads”

  1. I enjoy that the mixing of the exposures in this image has created a feeling of turmoil and turbulence in the bottom part of the image and of greater stability at the top.

    However that doesnt mean the the path at the top is necessarily better.

    For me the difficulty at a crossroad is that sometimes you dont have the knowledge of the path ahead to make an informed decision. Knowing what you want will help you evaluate what can be seen but you still have to venture into the unknown.

    The only thing that you can do wrong is to stay at the crossroad frozen with uncertainty, or worse still, turn around and go back.

  2. I think that is very wise, the black hole of decision making can suck you in if you don’t move through it with enough momentum. I like the way there seems to be an overriding natural pattern over laying the crossroads.

  3. If it feels right DO IT, if we don’t we look back and say IF ONLY.

    I see a turmoil of faces in this image , not knowing which way to go, at the crossroads.

    Robert Johnson the great 1930’s blues guitarist sang a song about standing at the crossroads. If you have never heard it listen!

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