Jun 082015
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I find it strange here in Christchurch as a newcomer, at this point in time. Everywhere I look, I can’t help but have the effects of the earthquake in my face. Four years on.

Looking around me I want to understand, but hesitate to bring my observations into conversation with people; “don’t mention the war”. They must be so sick of that, it’s been talked, and lived, to death, I’m sure. Even so, it does. Almost every time. I wonder if there are two levels of conversation here – that exists with the newcomers, tourists, and the parallel universe that occupies normality for those that have tried to continue through. In conversation I notice what locals see is underwritten by what was, and their own experiences over time. Each view is rich with history and their own narrative.

I don’t have that. I’ve started to try and look past the earthquake and find the Christchurch that is. That is, to me. A newcomer, with no prior knowledge or experience to flesh out the story. A new narrative.

The playground. City space. “Good healthy fun” they said. “Let’s get them outdoors” they said.

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  10 Responses to “Playground, Bishopdale Christchurch, June 2015”

  1. Powerful image.

  2. I though, When you grow up son you too might get to carry the nations power. nice image. So you are in Chch?????

  3. Jen this is work in the next evolution of your image making. In it I see our many conversations from New York. I see the influences of Robots University studies. I see the collection of your appreciation of other artists work. I see your determined quest for a truthful response to your inner world. I see a artist at work.

  4. Well seen 🙂

  5. Oh yes Jenny, what on the surface is a straight image of suburbia but there is so much going on, so many questions to ask. A powerful image.

  6. Jenny, a seemingly simple image which hits deeply at many of our social issues, this image had an immediate impact because it challenged my notion of the “healthy outdoors” and a place to “play and have fun”. A place for children ……? Fantastic social documentary presented in very matter of fact style makes it all the more potent.

  7. Yes.

  8. Very very clever image. It speaks for itself. In fact it shouts.

  9. This is INCREDIBLE MUM.

    should have been straighter… haha

    Can you please send this to someone.

    Bowen Galleries? Suite?

    this has got to be a show/body of work right?

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