Many Rooms

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Jun 032015
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As we go through life we make many choices big and small. There are many rooms to visit. Places to go , people to see. We can’t see them all. We are only allowed to move forward so each corridor we go down opens up possibilities and excludes others. Old hospital – Kolmanskop Namibia.

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  1. choices choices! We are so lucky we get to make them. The challenge is to make the right choices for ourselves at the right time, and to look deep within as we make them so we are true to ourselves. What a journey of discovery. I love the look from behind in your image Tim, hindsight shows us what choices we made but also the doors we missed. Hopefully we eventually find the right one and let the journey teach us good lessons so when we find the right door/people/place we are ready and open. A very relevant message for me right now.

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