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May 302015
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Collaborating on a photography project with my New Zealand friend, Jenny, has jump started my creativity and inspired me to hunt for art in the mundane. My self imposed constraints are less restrictive than Jenny’s in that I shoot within a mile of where I lay my head. But, in addition, I use only one lens and select a monthly theme.

The image I chose to submit for aGathering was taken within a mile of home guided by the theme, “Fragments”. What caught my eye was the interplay and contrast of the geometric architectural designs and the soft serpentine meandering cord. The straight futuristic lines inside the building intersect with the straight lines of the buildings outside while the curvilinear cord interrupts.

Puzzling how the cord got there as this area is closed to public access.

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  2 Responses to “Anomaly – Patti Madsen”

  1. I am interested, Patti, how self-assigned assignments or projects can get the creative juices going. Just recently on aGathering we have had several examples – Jenny Couldrey, Jenny Reeve and yourself.
    In this image I like the strong oblique lines, triangles and rectangles. Good luck with the rest of the project.

    • Thank you, John, for your comments. Personally, this project challenges me to observe and see, really see, confining familiar areas in a different and amazing way. It forces me to focus and be more aware of raw visual information and how I might use it to create something distinctive. I now take a more mindful approach. Thank you for the opportunity to submit.

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