May 292015
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In this second of my series on rocks I am standing on a granite rock in a riverbed on one of the oldest landscapes on earth. I felt a deep sense of respect, because of the long process of formation, and loss, as these places are slowly being lost to “the progress of man”. The rocks have been made smooth by eons of water flowing over their surface. As I created this image I had a sense of the process of rock creation so have tried to present that history as it occurred to me. Then Tim commented on my last image and I realised, once again, that the subconscious leads the conscious and that there is probably another level of meaning to these images: Everyone on the African trip with me will know I had reached a crossroads and had a big decision to make. This decision was taking up a lot of my mental energy. Link this image with the last image and you will see a theme. More to come. Thanks Tim for creating that connection between the conscious and subconscious for me.

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  3 Responses to “A cross road in the ancient rocks of Swaziland”

  1. I like it Bruce. I see a grid there. Ordered analysis over chaos.

  2. I think it is amazing how our images predict what goes on in our minds before we know it consciously. I think it shows the turmoil your brain and emotions were going through and also that there would be an outcome which would satisfy you in the meantime. Great interlocking shapes

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing your series on rocks – it’s an area that attracts me too. I still have an unresolved answer to a statement that says” stone is the ancestor of all” . I have a post coming up which I have entitled Crossroad so I’m interested to hear what your reaction to it will be

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