May 282015
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That’s what this group is about for me, and whether I comment or not – I gain a huge amount from the work that members and guests put up. It’s amazing what triggers the next step forward.

This is the last image in my set of numbers. Ferg got the “I’m stuck” call, and despite me saying I wanted to make meaningful pictures, gave me the challenge. A meaningless picture each day. Just a number, that’s all.

It might have started that way but I’ve been amazed at how the series started to become a way for me to record parts of my life, without me even realising. Because I didn’t go out to “find” a number most days, it became about creating the number from me and my surroundings.

So there you have it. Portrait didn’t come into it anywhere there when we discussed it, but that’s what you have in the series. A portrait of me.

And here, the Harewood Tavern. A picture that has opened up a whole new line of investigation. Many of the comments that came out of the series on facebook have resonated, and this morning, at 4.35am they suddenly came to me in a more sensible form (I struggle with coherent at that time of the morning!); a form that may be the basis for my photos down here. Heaven knows the bush and the hills and the water aren’t within the 5min walk they used to be, so the focus was bound to change. I think that’s what “stuck” me. And my mind. Bloody mind.

Thank you Fergus! You’ve done more for me, as usual, than you would ever have imagined.

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  3 Responses to “Portrait, Harewood Tavern, Christchurch May 2015”

  1. Pauline, I have seen lots of us get stuck at times and for different reasons. Then someone or something happens which pushes / motivates / encourages / inspires us to be creative in some small and different way. It seems to me that you have “recorded”, and more than “just recorded” your new environment in a very creative manner using your artistic skills by creating numbers with their meanings. I was stuck a few years ago when there was no light in my life! I had to upgrade my communications system which meant purchasing a “smart phone!” with its bells and whistles. Being with me all the time I always had a camera in my pocket. So I tried to do a “photo a day” which became a photo nearly every day! I just “pointed and squirted” that phone camera at my own environment which was in fact the view from my bedroom window! It was always different. I learned new skills along the way and now I think I am finding new ways of playing and being. I can relate to how you feel.

    I also commune with what Sarah has said in her recent post which I have been musing over for some time. There is sometimes a spark which pushes us in a new direction and when we make that step we are on a new journey.

    I hope you enjoy your new path and your new and very different environment in Christchurch and its surroundings.

  2. Jen,

    I have LOVED your number series and have been waiting each day for the next one. I will miss them enormously! I am glad they provided a good transition to you. It took me years to find my photographic feet in NZ – unbelievably I found the green bush and blue water boring after the contrast of Africa – Now I have no idea how lazy I allowed myself to be BUT I had to make the psychological transition to NZ being a place that lived in my heart and that required a little letting go of Africa. That took A LOT of kicking and screaming. Now each time I go back to Africa I feel a little more foreign. I wish you all the best in transitioning to your new home – let it gently seep in and one day hopefully, like me, you will suddenly realise you have changed just a little and that you are much richer for it.

    I look forward to observing a part of that journey. All the best!!

  3. I know we all talk at some time about being stuck. To reduce the negative aspect of this I like to think of it as a pause before a new release of creative energy. And, wow, was that a release of energy Jenny. What interested me was that the task set by Ferg was simple in concept but that simplicity led to you producing a wide variety of creative responses to that task. There must be a lesson for all of us there somewhere.
    It was inspiring. You should be proud.

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