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May 272015
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Thank you for your feedback in my last post about the value or otherwise of comments about an (abstract) image. Most, but not all, preferred having comments. So most, but not all, of my posts will have comments.
The photo of this bridge was a game changer for me. We came across this brand new suspension bridge in a rural area in Maine, USA. The designers had thoughtfully put a lift in one of the end towers so it was so easy to capture this image looking down the cables.
The game change came when I got home and started playing with it in Lightroom. It was early days of Lightroom and I loved the ease of using sliders rather than the more complicated Photoshop procedures. My eyes lit up when the background went black by using the shadows slider (or whatever it was called then). That day my interest in abstract images was born.
A few years later the image took me a further step in how to abstract what I see. In a workshop with Michael Levin, he looked at the image and suggested I needed to give it more space so that it was more than a shot looking down some cables. So now it has more black either side. I have used that idea of adding negative space in quite a lot of my images since. Bit of a trademark.
I would be interested in hearing about other’s game changing experiences so I might learn.

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  1. Hi John, Very cool, i love the simplicity of this image, yet you ask me so many questions. I have to agree with Michael Levin, the black space adds another dynamic, depth. The pillars in a giant cathedral?

  2. And a very cool revelation it was. I love what has come out of your development of that concept. My late(est) post is one of those moments I think. For me though, one of the most significant moments was when I bought my film scanner. I was new to photoshop, and the first negatives I scanned all came out purple. I had 7 days to discover whether the problem lay with the scanner (so I could return it), the operator, or the software (and the operator). Total immersion into the light version of PS3 or something that came with the scanner. What I learnt in those 7 days has really set me on the path to image manipulation and a comfort with the software that would have taken me years otherwise.

    Loving the commenting. And will enjoy those that let me contemplate the two way conversation as well.

    • Yes Jenny. It is interesting that what may at the time be a pain can later be looked back on as a highlight. I need to remind myself of that sometimes.

  3. I love the similarity with your “Colour sneaked in” image.

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