May 252015
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Yes, it happens to us all – our Creativity packs its bag and leaves at the most inconvenient times, giving no indication of when it might return. You’re just left adrift in no-man’s land with workshops looming, deadlines to meet and competitions you had hoped to enter… Welcome to my world!

Luckily I had a Sally Mason weekend workshop coming up; I warned Sally that I might not even get my camera out during the two days but assured her that I would still learn heaps and be quite happy just sifting around. But whaddya know?….there was a glimmer of creativity still skulking around after all; it just took Sally’s wonderful inspiration to light the spark and kick it back into action.

Not my greatest creative achievement, but we’re definitely back on track. 😀

(Image: Fishing crib, Te Waewae Bay)

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  3 Responses to “My Battle with the Big C… – Sarah Stirrup”

  1. Hey Sarah. Speaks to me of a peaceful place to go someday. Well done.

  2. Welcome back to the world of art, Sarah. I very much relate to what you say. Sally was a prompt to me over ten years ago when I was doing one of her courses. On a field trip the wind was blowing and I couldn’t get a “sharp” image AT ALL. And her simple words of “move the camera” or even move yourself while pressing the shutter set me off in a new direction. Not many people like MY “abstract” impressions, but it gives me a release and I love it. It often causes laughs from the viewer. Sharing my pleasure with a viewer’s in just a small way returns the pleasure to me.

  3. I feel this is the reality more than the abstract, a touch of reality but the world moving in an strange unsettling way at the moment. As usual the design is strong and great.

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